Zolland design for Glastron

hermanform: Zolland design for Glastron

Zolland design for Glastron. Now we have completed the GT-GTS line for Glastron as freelance design Bureau. We have designed the whole series from 16 ft to 24,5 ft including the cuddy 229 and the jet 187 boat. We are now free to work with new brands in boating. Kind Regards Bo Zolland CEO Zolland Design AB (former Vizualtech) Main office: Radhusesplanaden 7b Zip: 90328 Umea sweden www.viztech.se http://newsblogg.viztech.se/ https://bo-zolland.squarespace.com/ Mail: mail@viztech.se

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hermanform, Apr 28, 2014