World's Largest Sailing Yacht

Tad: World's Largest Sailing Yacht

This is the preliminary work on a better looking (and hopefully performing "World's Largest Sailing Yacht". She is right around 150m in overall length, about 490', beam is just over 70', waterline is 407', fixed draft at full load is 25', displacement about 4700 long tons. Still working on the sail plan, but it's big......

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Tad, Oct 11, 2015
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      PLEASE make it happen, Tad - the current contender is, well, "Fugly" - to be kind. :)

      BTW, nice mention in Classic Boat this month.
    • Tad
      If it was up to me Steve, it would be broken out into 40-50 smaller projects and everybody would have some work.....but staying away from politics.....My term for the sailing yacht A is "Visually Challenging"

      Thanks for the mention of the Dick Smiley stuff in CB, I had forgotten that.....
    • SailDesign
      "Visually Challenging..." I like that. :)
    • Rurudyne
      Is "visually challenging" a Naval Architect equivalent to Southern "bless his heart"?
    • SailDesign
      Pretty much, I guess.
    • peter radclyffe
      who influenced you Tad
    • Tad
      Complex question Peter, and do you mean in general or just regarding this boat/ship? Short answer is, "everyone". Longer and more honest answer, this 490' is somewhat an extension of the 154' Scheherazade. Her sections are those of the Ericson 38' (obviously scaled) with her topsides styling from the S&S 12m Columbia (aft) and Running Tide (stem). But lots of other boats and designers had or have influence. Robert Clark's Carita, Max Oertz's Meteor's, Ron Holland's Mirabella, Gardner's Atlantic, Fife's Susanne, etc....
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