Wing keel for Irwin 23 modified
Milton Thrasher

Milton Thrasher: Wing keel for Irwin 23 modified

This view shows how the plywood wing keel prototype stern end now matches up with the end of the keel. If the surface is too far back, some of it can be cut away to achieve perfect balance through trial and error.

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Milton Thrasher, Jun 15, 2004
    • spank
      doesn't really look like an improvement
    • Milton Thrasher
      I suspect your comment has to do with my moving
      the wing keel prototype back 8". It did make the
      helm more balanced and thus the boat seems to be
      faster. Yesterday in winds less than 10 with gusts
      a little more, we had a Garmin GPS that showed we
      got up to 6.2 mph!

      Now that the boat is better balanced and seemingly
      pointing as well as it would with a centerboard, I
      will now incrementally cut away some of the surface
      area to reduce the wetted surface.
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      I am looking for changes to my semi-displacment hull. Is there math to size of wing for length of hull. I'm just a fisherman - no formal training in boat building.
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    Jun 15, 2004
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