Wife helping cut
Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson: Wife helping cut

The root is 80% UD, 20% BB

Posted by: Jay Thompson - website: http://www.coconuts.is

Jay Thompson, Mar 15, 2018
    • SailDesign
      Do you two know Drew Wood and Katie Ambach in the US? Two ex-Mini builders.
    • Jay Thompson
      @SailDesign No I don't think that I do. What year did they build the Mini?
    • SailDesign
      @Jay Thompson
      They built a couple about 12 years ago or so, in Newport RI - one for themselves,and another to fund theirs. :)

      Theirs was called EKO, and they called themselves ThirdCoastComposites.
    • Jay Thompson
      Must of been before me but I have hear some stories from the Newport Shipyard about the project.
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      Doug Lord
      Just a small problem: no gloves and no mask. I'm sure you know by now how little hairs of carbon begin to float around after cutting a lot of material.
      And rubbing your hands on carbon cloth all day might cause a problem with anything else you touch-just a pair of gloves?
      Good luck with the project!
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