Tanton: Whitehead

At 36 feet, Whitehead's hull is designed to be built in metal by a folding method, better known as "origami". With the use of thick plating and few internals, the shell part of the building is fast. The shape obtained is a classic double-ender with the possibility for many options in completion, including twin keels as shown, single keel with skeg, centreboard, etc. Various rigs and interior configurations are possible. Following the same method of construction, plans for a 39' sailboat with transom stern and with inboard or outboard rudder are also available. On the pure powerboat side, drawings have been produced for aluminum skiffs, launches and cabin cruisers from 24' to 32'.

Posted by: Tanton - website: http://tantonyachtdesign.blogspot.com

Tanton, Aug 16, 2004