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Utility cat for running between our house and the mainland; with people and stuff. Twin 8 horse motors give adequate speed (13knots) for a low consumption 1 litre for 3 miles. LOA 9m Beam 3.1m Disp 980kg (will go up to about 1.1 tonnes with windows and doors and other finishing bits) Ply epoxy

Posted by: patiras - website: http://www.trinitykayaks.com

patiras, Nov 6, 2008
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      Looks like a pretty handy vessel, regards from Jeff
    • patiras
      Cheers Jeff,

      Yeah, I'm pretty happy with her. The rocker probably compromises speed a bit, but it let's it run up a beach a bit further than a flatter keel would. I'm changing the props this weekend for a steeper pitch (as it rev's out no problem) so hope to see a couple of knots on her. I'm particularly pleased with the recessed deck cleats, as although they are a bit fiddly, you're never going to stub your toe on them. Next addition will be more roofrack capacity so I can get a total of 4 sea kayaks on it.... Fuel consumption's actually much better than I'd hoped for.. if you're prepared to run it at 5 knots or so.

      Oh, and a stove on the cabin for brewing up...

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      boat fan
      Just found this . Congratulations its a beauty !

      Well done !
    • patiras
      Many thanks. Been on the water now for a year, and all the little finishing touches that were going to be done the week or so after she got put on the water are still waiting to be done!!! Changed the props twice now, for a steeper pitch each time, and she now cruises at 8 or so knots on barely more than tickover. Top speed is about 14 knots, but sounds strained. I'm thinking of lengthening the hulls by about a metre aft, and flattening out the underwater section aft. Shouldn't make much difference to the low speed, but should improve the 8-14 knot range a bit. Also thinking of putting 9.9 high thrusts, not because she needs the power, but just because they come with power tilt!! Alternatively thinking of not running high thrust outboards, as although a smaller faster reving prop may not be as efficient, the problem with the large props is that it only takes them to get slightly hit (and I moor her on a busy commercial pontoon), and being a lightweight boat, the vibration goes right through her; a smaller prop shold be more tolerant to being slightly out of balance. A 4 mile return crossing is using about 1.5 litres (and this includes starting the engines from cold, running from the mooring to a pontoon and faffing around in port) so happy with that.

      Cheers, Al

      PS. Carrying 14 passengers barely slows it at all...

    • Wavewacker
      Wow, would you post construction pics, if you can in the forums? That's a great utility cat and would really like to see a discussion on your boat. What's the draft? Just toms of questions, I'd really be interested in seeing more of this one!!!
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