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Just a Test design on my xxx hull

heuhen, Jul 20, 2008
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      Why a bulb bow? with good design should not be needed on a recreational boat, and there are lots of other issues that could be tidied up, but then I am just in the mood to behave as a pontificating p...
    • heuhen
      I'm a norwegian designer. when we design a boat or ship, we designing them to be able to withstand the north-sea. so eveery time we designing a boat it geat a bulb.

      But this design was just a test of how low resistance. f.eks. this hull hawe a resistance of 125 kN at 15 knots! with a design top speed of 28-29 knoots.

      try to combine these two points without making any compromises:
      -the sharper the hull is the better it trawels in heavy sea.
      -the wider the hull, the steadier is the boat.
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