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  1. SailDesign
    Fabulous. :D
  2. Eric DEBORDE
    About 10 frogs !
  3. pafurijaz
    Very nice this project. How many people can this carry?
  4. rjwintl
    Pretty cool , man !!!
  5. Leopard
    I like it
  6. missinginaction
    Nice boat! I'm going to write this with a smile on my face but........there is only one criticism I have. Next photo, you should be sitting in that green chair with a fishing pole or maybe a...
  7. sdowney717
    comment posted
  8. pafurijaz
    @dcweed Memories that remain etched in your mind :)
  9. dcweed
    I raced (informally) against Rainbird in the early 70's off Friday Harbor WA, US. I was a 15 year-old kid in a 20' FRP sloop. Rainbird's owner (Lee Brewer) was in his fifties or sixties. We...
  10. colinhilton
    I'd like one.

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