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  1. popeyejackusn
    I've finished my trawler conversion. I've installed ports along the side and have painted the bottom. I was planning to launch but with the Keys and Bahama's being closed at the time, I held...
  2. BTScow
    Very nice.
  3. boatgm2
    Is boat working as expected?
  4. Dr34m3r
    Do you need support in Naval Architecture issues ?
  5. SailDesign
    Love it, Yves!
  6. SailDesign
    @Alik, thanks!
  7. Alik
    looks great!
  8. SailDesign
    Fun idea. And beautifully executed.
  9. pironiero
    She is beautiful
  10. pironiero
    Why its aft part is split?

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