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  1. petereng
    Scoot is a bit different to its first published CAD image. It went through many reviews, costings and simplifications before it was built.
  2. an2reir
    Thank you ! yes was built and I think did sell very well :-)
  3. AnthonyW
  4. pafurijaz
    Nice compact design.
  5. SailDesign
    Nice work - as always.
  6. 3dig
    very nice
  7. SailDesign
    @bhnautika , MANY thanks! :)
  8. bhnautika
    love the style , toss up between red and the grey
  9. owene
    Whoa.... what a beauty. Any chance of a few internal piccies and a look at the drivetrain? Any construction piccies?
  10. SailDesign
    Beautiful work, as always!

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