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  1. Doug Lord
    A great little classic!
  2. Doug Lord
    Impressive, Alik!
  3. Doug Lord
    That is very cool-I always liked that boat!
  4. Doug Lord
    Gorgeous! I particularly like being able to walk around front of the bridge.....
  5. Doug Lord
    Stunning beauty!
  6. SailDesign
    Nemmind! Found it! A whole subclass of gorgeous floating things I had not heard of before. :) Toue cabanée — Wikipédia
  7. SailDesign
    Warren, old buddy, old pal... We need more info. These are gorgeous (as you know) and in Europe - but more specifics are needed. :)
  8. SailDesign
    @RumnCoke - thanks! Always nice to hear the rationale behind the opinion. :)
  9. RumnCoke
    @SailDesign If you look closely you will see that the my lines open very quickly from the bow. There is no "fine" progression from the bow to max beam, as in most racer designs. My design...
  10. SailDesign
    @RumnCoke - I'm curious as to why you would want the max width so far aft in a model - most of the faster ones appear to have it at less than 50% as the hulls are so skinny that rig-induced...

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