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  1. Darkzillicon
    Beautiful Work!
  2. BlueBell
  3. pafurijaz
    Awesome :)
  4. peter radclyffe
    jeanie johnston | Boat Design Net
  5. mike w. schultz
    Progress is happening, exterior paint finished, interior 95% complete, refrigerator/freezer units installed, shower/head installed, black water tank completed, center console + bench helm seat...
  6. Trevor Richard Hunt
    How much and what type of ballast did you use ??
  7. philSweet
    Let me guess - someone's dock water connection gave up.
  8. Tanton Yachts
    Yes Steve. Much appreciated.
  9. SailDesign
    Fond memories.
  10. Loren Couch
    Awesome work!

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