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  1. bertho
    This is not a oil tanker...
  2. an2reir
    Thank you Stephen :-)
  3. SailDesign
    Very nice! :)
  4. SailDesign
    I'm curious... What is the projected all-up weight of this house-boat, including personal stuff inside it? Those hulls look as though they will need the "house" part to be a watertight hull as...
  5. terrnz
    2 nd best to Steinlager
  6. SailDesign
  7. SailDesign
    Very nice!
  8. dejadin
    I wrote it was designed and rendered in 2002, so is older then nano :) thanks for comment!
  9. glossdesign
  10. Doug Lord
    Just magnificent! I particularly like the powerboat second from the left and the sailboat next to it-but I like them all.........

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