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  1. SailDesign
    For a moment, I expected it to say "Murrelet" on the side....
  2. SailDesign
    I would honestly recommend paying a qualified Naval Architect to give advise here well before launching. This is why they exist....
  3. fallguy
    I'd take the top off. Make it so only the operator can go up. Better than loss of life.
  4. Rory Gibbs
    @fallguy Yes thats the problem I need some pontoons on the side down low for stability....
  5. fallguy
    Be careful loading a lot of people up top. It looks like all to one side would end up swimming. I say this kindly.
  6. Rory Gibbs
    Not sure if you can see the pics but need some advice about weight distribution. Always leaned a bit to the side the fridge stove outboard water tank lol everything is on one side for weight. Had...
  7. SailDesign
    Very nice!
  8. lobsterman
    Great looking design, have you got any more pics of it ?.
  9. gonzo
    @SailDesign Yes, however it depends on each particular design.
  10. SailDesign
    However, once you're past the keel on the modern underbody, the girth decreases dramatically, whereas the full keeled boat does not have that advantage.

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