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  1. lobsterman
    Great looking design, have you got any more pics of it ?.
  2. gonzo
    @SailDesign Yes, however it depends on each particular design.
  3. SailDesign
    However, once you're past the keel on the modern underbody, the girth decreases dramatically, whereas the full keeled boat does not have that advantage.
  4. WalleyeSniper
    WOWWW... Looking through your albums, it sure is crazy to see how much time, CAD drawing/mapping, and effort goes into the design and structure of the hulls out there!
  5. SailDesign
    @Wes Gardner - thanks!!
  6. Wes Gardner
    Pretty work there
  7. krawiec
    @waikikin Hi. Thanks for your opinon. Organizer of competiotion planed to make electrical power with foil wings. In my opinion its not good solution because of few resons. Hull is not mine...
  8. waikikin
    @SailDesign only occasionally for bonding cores.
  9. SailDesign
    Nice tables. Do you use vacuum?
  10. waikikin
    @fallguy Just laid some choppy on the table and rolled it over the simple forms. Really just going to be a permanent mandrel for building thickness to 4.5- 6.0mm. I'm making six as need to make a...

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