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  1. Gilbert
    Paint gob?
  2. Gilbert
    @SailDesign Blanchard Boat Works in Seattle built a popular one design that has a strong resemblance to this boat. Can't say for sure.
  3. SailDesign
  4. SailDesign
    @pafurijaz Thanks! I use Rhino for the modelling, and Flamingo nXt for the renders.
  5. pafurijaz
    Beautiful image and boat, which software you use for modeling and for the render.
  6. DSR
    Hi Bob, I sourced the engine and jet drive from a 2004 Honda Aquatrax R12X PWC with 66 hrs on it, that I procured for my project (I chose this particular unit for several reasons after a ton of...
  7. bob andrews
    Hea,Hea, Some success with pics. But now the ??Question's.. First one answer; The reason for going in from the outside to begin with is because there's NO independent stringers to fail. Hull and...
  8. bob andrews
    HONDA "I"4 Turbo, Wild!! From were did You source that?? Simple ignition, or computer "bound"? Hp, & torque, what values and @ what RPM? 40+ years ago I'ed paid to be a driver!! bobA
  9. petereng
    Scoot is a bit different to its first published CAD image. It went through many reviews, costings and simplifications before it was built.
  10. an2reir
    Thank you ! yes was built and I think did sell very well :-)

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