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  1. SET Project
    Hey, I am curious to gain more understanding in the system of propulsion. Would it be possible to access a more detailed research page ? Congrats on the work. Good day, CLERC Antoine
  2. pafurijaz
    Nice shapes :) Belle forme :)
  3. Steelboat
    These drawings are amazing. Something to strive for.
  4. SailDesign
  5. peter radclyffe
    Media for user: peter radclyffe | Boat Design Net
  6. BobBill
    Boat consists of salvaged Hobie Cat hulls and damaged/repaired surfer carbon masts for spars. Original MO plans were used. FWIW.
  7. SailDesign
  8. SailDesign
    Very nice!
  9. sandhammaren05
    The first monolayer of fluid sticks to the surface no matter what the finish so all that matters is smoothness. We use gray automotive primer and wet sand it with 400 then 600 wet sandpaper.
  10. Jhomer
    Interesting...What will this be used for? I assume to build off of??

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