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  1. SailDesign
    I recognise that one. :)
  2. messabout
  3. tkk
    [IMG] With a modified counter stern
  4. Tanton Yachts
    73' Velos. San Diego Yacht Club RUM 2022 series #1. First in Class; Series #2. First in Class.
  5. peter radclyffe
  6. shaun Moir
    thank you we are looking at other options and hopefully, this will be the start of something, I'm just trying to get this exposure I feel it deserves
  7. mike w. schultz
    Un able to permanently attach the flybridge roof as i have a 3 mile road trip to boat launch on 60' trailer, the boat controls are a center console flybridge layout with twin internally recessed...
  8. mike w. schultz
    Marine AC is working wonderful, mini split 115 volt 60 hz, inverter soft start 6 amp, freeze you out in 60 minutes!! 2 hours to install, no raw water inlet, no strainer no h20 pump, no petcock...
  9. mike w. schultz
    New building has been nice, we are out of rain but the heat has been relentless.
  10. mike w. schultz
    aft deck photo, alum. structure ladder/rails. motors or in and will install January (115 Yam 4 (Stroke).. Galley and interior 25%. Launch date Summer 2022

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