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  1. Doug Lord
    Rugged classic! I'd modfiy the bridge so I could walk around and in front of it. And create some kind of covered shade just aft of the wheelhouse....
  2. Doug Lord
  3. Doug Lord
    Thanks! Hope to get her built before long.....
  4. Doug Lord
    There are many pictures of the Fire Arrow on foils(WOLF is the daughter of fire arrow) in the thread in "Multihulls" and also there are 5 large trimarans that have adopted the same exact basic...
  5. Doug Lord
    Thanks! Either that or the second person can sit on the other side? But I'm leaning toward wider seats when she is built-which may be sooner rather than later.
  6. Enter Miles
    I can imagine it to be a lovely magic carpet ride for two... with only a bit wider seats.
  7. Enter Miles
    I like it a lot. And I am curious...: Did the model sail? Do you have videos? How would it have behaved, with the little buoyancy in the aft section of the ama?
  8. Enter Miles
    Great model, too.
  9. Enter Miles
    Very interesting design. Congratulations.
  10. Doug Lord
    Makes me sad every time I see this.....

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