U.L.D.B. Desperado 85

Tanton: U.L.D.B. Desperado 85

Lines Plan.

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Tanton, Feb 2, 2008
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      These lines are not in anymore for an ULDB Boat , rather from the last century . Especially at the times of Open 60 , 50, 40 s and Volvo 70 s !

      I'm sure you did . The lines are fine ,but I think with a longer dwl and flatter , beamier sections aft ( u -shape ) , you would make , may be , mid thirthies , don 't you think ?
      Please , don 't misunderstand , I 'm not questioning your design skills :)
    • Tanton
      You are correct. With the evolution of rules or minimum rules like in the Open boats, the I.O.R . ULDBs lines,such as in this design are obsolete.
      We still went 26.1 knots, with an average of over 18knots for a period of over 1 hour. in the recent San-Diego Puerto Vallarta Race.
      Y-M T
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