Turning an old slow boat into a rocketship - AFTER

BOATMIK: Turning an old slow boat into a rocketship - AFTER

Before and After Shots. 24ft boat was 350kg overweight with inefficient keel and rig. Not to mention the deck layout!! Al the rigging was in sizes suitable for a 32ft ocean racer from the '70s. We designed a new keel, a small, but efficient rig and took pains to keep everything simple but slippery - down to eliminating the backstay so we could have a decent roach without complication. All mods were done in ply/epoxy. Simple construction of all elements was a priority including the highly optimised keel. Boat has gone from being last in it's fleet to the top 4, racing against hot trailer sailers - Elliots, Youngs, Spiders. Usual crew is 2. Draft is 3ft but competes upwind nicely. Full Web Article at http://members.ozemail.com.au/~storerm/Orangeboat/Orangeboat.html

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BOATMIK, Feb 15, 2006