The far side...

Polarity: The far side...

These are really just virtual doodles - but great fun to do!

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Polarity, Jul 6, 2002
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      Paul, do you really mean the dimensions of that keel and rudder?
    • Polarity
      nope, just doodles really,
      The rudder needs to be deep for S ocean to stop it ventilating in the breaking crest on a 10 m wave. You do not want to lose the steering!
      Also higher aspect less drag/ more lift (and a lower stall angle but can't win em all).

      The bulb shape was to form an "endplate" on the chord... and a draft of about 4m is "normal.."

      Thanks fo rthe comment... and the rating!!
    • Rurudyne
      When I saw the thumbnail of this it looked like, because of the perspective used, someone had designed a fully enclosed cabin sailboat with a hatch like door (the yellow house, if you squint at the big image just right it still looks like that), as if they were working on some small circumnavigation boat.

      Of course the detail, which is rather easier to see in the big picture, proves the effect a false one.
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