Taliesin with Walker WingSail

SailDesign: Taliesin with Walker WingSail

to the tradiionalists, I'm truly sorry, but this is something I have always thought would be a great idea.

SailDesign, Jan 29, 2003
    • SailDesign
      Apparently was comment here, but for some reason I can't see it ;-(
      Could you re-post?
    • Jeff
      I'm sorry - the gallery software currently tallies a rating as a comment so what you are seeing is that someone selected a rating without posting an actual text comment. This is on my to-do list to fix if the next incremental version of the gallery software doesn't correct it. Thanks for posting the beautiful designs by the way!
    • SailDesign
      Jeff, thanks for the update. That had had me confuddled for a while. Thanks also for the kind comments on the designs - now if I could only find a customer for them......
    • yipster
      interesting motorsailer! recall a comment here that mentiont how well the "sail" blended in with the boat, does the wingsail come in creme or green also? ;-)
    • SailDesign
      yipster - any colour you want......
      I did a "rasta" version of the boat for a friend, but it just didn't look right.
    • Rating:
      Beutiful, but if I may say something. The boat would look better and keep the classic looks with a mast just forward of the dinghey and have a main and genoa. The boom will also serve as a davit to lift the dinghey and the sails will save fuel.

      Top Job!
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