Taliesin and Myrddin

SailDesign: Taliesin and Myrddin

SailDesign, Jan 19, 2003
    • duluthboats
      Well Stephen, inquiring minds want to know how you did these beautiful renderings. If I won the loto I would order Taliesin, tomorrow.

      Gary :D
    • SailDesign
      Thanks, Gary. Rendering by Rhino/Flamingo, via 5 years of my use of them. Haven't found a better modelling/rendering combination for the money yet.
      Let me know when you win the lotto ;-))
    • duluthboats
      At least I have a start, the same software. You certainly have given me a goal to shoot for.
    • SailDesign
      I'm not standing in the goal, so shoot away.
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      I really like the smaller one of the two!! The bigger one is just not my style....
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      Dave Fleming
      I like them both but...
      The cabin structure on "M" strikes me as a bit out of place with that hull design.

      Just call me an old fashioned tired eyed old boatbuilder. :)
    • SailDesign
      "Just call me an old fashioned tired eyed old boatbuilder. "

      If you insist... ;-)
    • guest
      The cabin comments here are a reaction to the tension between classical lines of the canoe hull and modern corners shown on the pilot house. The smaller craft begs the question with its Classic lines intact hull and pilotshouse.
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      Great Rendering but no eye for aesthetics. Looks like some commercial fisherman
      refit his cabin house in the driveway. Keep working on the look.
      There is a fine line between proffessional work and student design.
    • SailDesign
      jdavis, since I can't PM you, I'll have to say it here. I have over 20 years in the business, and while my houses have always come in for some criticism, I have never lost a design contract due to "bad aesthetics".
      I know it doesn't look like a Boston Whaler, and I thank my lucky stars for that every day.
      But thanks for the comments anyway :)
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      I like it...


      Are there any Rhino Tutorials you recomend over any others?
    • SailDesign
      Practice, practice, practice. Start with a "look" you KNOW can be achieved, and figure out how - then try to improve it with lighting, etc. And enjoy it - that is the most important part :)
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      Sean Herron

      Still damned nice...

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