Taicoun - the beginnings

SailDesign: Taicoun - the beginnings

Following on from Missee Lee, here is her bigger brother, "Taicoun." 67% longer, but essentially the same hull. Now with added rain protection and comfy seating. :)

SailDesign, Feb 14, 2016
    • daiquiri
      You know that I usually like your designs and don't hesitate to say it.
      This one looks very sleek and elegant because it is long and low-profile. But the price of the good looks is the lost internal volume.
      It was eaten by a plentiful of deck and cockpit space, so I was wondering if this choice has a specific purpose?
    • Rating:
      Very nice but needs more eyebrow please.......
    • SailDesign
      Daiquiri - there are no portlights yet, but the bow has accommodations (weekender-style, but at least a double berth and somewhere to cook) The purpose here is to have a larger boat with a huge cockpit to be used for what most people use them for - day trips. I see so many 8-berth 24-footers that never spend even one night away with a couple on board that it occurred to me no-one really cruises much any more. So - the 50-foot day-boat. :)

      Tad - you're a West-coaster... You love the eyebrow, but you never get enough sun for it to be necessary. :p
      I will add some just to see, however, as I trust your judgement. This beast has a long way to go still.
    • Tad
      Well it keeps the rain off as well......:)
    • SailDesign
      You win on the eye-brow, Tad. See next pic. :)
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