Sly 50 Hybrid

AdrienJousset: Sly 50 Hybrid

The Next Sly Contest was born in 2008, a competition aimed at singling out the best ideas and most innovative designers in the boating sector. Designing the Sly of the future was an exciting and original idea, to shed light on the creative skills of the younger people. To the competitors, the themes were required were those that Sly values the most; innovation for sailing, comfort for cruising, respect for the environment. It was no easy task for the jurymade up of journalists, academics, shipyard representatives and clientsto decide on the most deserving entry: there were many outstanding submissions, with detailed studies and designs that strove to find ideal solutions to the specific contest requirements. Adrien Jousset says Finding the balance between innovation and feasibility, respecting the Sly design identity, was a really difficult job though passionate work. He focused his design on reduced environmental impact. The first step in making an environmental product is to make it durable. The use of epoxy is therefore a necessity. The laminate consists of a natural fibre, the flax, associated with a balsa core. She is powered by a hybrid diesel/electric generator by Panda. She has a clever bimini offering shadow and energy thanks to its solar shade. Also her interior is an elegant play of light and dark bamboo. She has a durable aesthetic based on the pliancy and a natural atmosphere says Adrien. This design also distinguished itself for its long-range cruising capacity, fulfilling the requirement for autonomy in terms of fuel and water, and even one-person handling of the vessel; this was the second area explored with incisive attention, showing once again that the shipyard, boat owners, and designers are all on the same wavelength: people who love the sea and love fast, safe sailing.

AdrienJousset, Feb 6, 2009