Slots between Sails on Fractional, & Masthead Sloop Rigs
brian eiland

brian eiland: Slots between Sails on Fractional, & Masthead Sloop Rigs

Now imagine looking down on the sailing rigs from directly overhead and evaluating the cross-sections at various vertical levels ( I probably should draw a diagram of this view and post it on my website). Significantly this is no-where near the case with the traditional Bermudan rig, either fractional or masthead configured. In both of these cases the throat of the slot is decreasing in size as we move vertically up the mast, while the wind velocity is increasing with this heightsort of a reverse of what we might desire. And the overlap of the necessarily hollow-leached headsail is at best really only effective at the bottom 1/3 of the sailplan. Seems there are many more questions of the compatible interactivity of the main and the headsail of the Bermudan configuration than with my twin headsail arrangement. In this comparison I think my aftmast rig configuration will prove significantly superior. Note also that this nice uniform genoa overlap is attained while utilizing only what amounts to a 110-120% genoa rather than a radical 150-180% sail (Bermuda rig designations). And the foot areas are fully compatible, unlike the raised boom region of the Bermuda rig. Above the hounds the natural twist in apparent wind should help to make this upper portion of my genoa be a more productive sail area, certainly more productive than the thin strip of Bermudan mainsail hidden behind a mast structure on a fractional rig vessel. Just possibly the slot formed between my bare mast and the genoa sail in this upper region may create an upwash that could assist this productive task.

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brian eiland, May 21, 2008