skeeter 2
Lew Morris

Lew Morris: skeeter 2

concept sketch

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Lew Morris, Jun 13, 2003
    • yipster
      cant directly see what advantages this hot-rod has and like to know what the numbers mean but yes, i think its looking good.
    • Lew Morris
      hey yip,

      this is another low hp concept. the sponsons lend roll stability and lend more to the 'sporty look' than actual high performance. gas or electric.

      intended users would be elderly, disabled, or youngsters. the original idea was that it would be a commercial offering to rental businesses.

    • Lew Morris
      sorry, didn't answer all of your question.

      this image was lifted off of a presenatation layout.

      the reference numbers related the sketch to details and specifications found on another document.
    • yipster
      thank you!
      i always want to know the how's and why's...
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      Liked your first one better, It could look a little more like the 33 Ford's if you are going for the Hot Rod look. But still looks good
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