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Now comes a new entry, called Sigma, which some in the boating world are saying could be one of the ghastliest megayachts ever created. Its still under construction and the identity of the owner remains a secret. snapshots of the boat taken while it was being moved from a building shed in Nobiskrug, Germany. The Sigma is five stories high (for scale, you can see a person on the aft deck), with a bulbous cockpit and all-white body armor. Theres no evidence (at least not yet) of the usual yacht indulgences hot tubs, upper-deck bars, basketball courts, jet skis that evoke unfettered leisure and freedom. Frankly, Sigma is a bit scary. With its razor-sharp hull and Northrup Grumman aesthetics, Sigma looks more like a cruiser for Darth Vaders navy than a family pleasure boat for the Mediterranean. (For more photos of Sigma, visit

blared, May 18, 2008
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    • Willallison
      Pitty you weren't resposible for the styling too Bernd!
      Fugly is the word that springs to mind. More a statement about Starck's desire to stand out from the crowd than anything else. I've always found his work to be a bit hit and miss....this is definitley a miss
    • blared
      I personally loved it because of it's out of ordinary, crazy hull lines and the intelligent look.
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