Ship in Huge Waves

yachtie2k4: Ship in Huge Waves

This picture was taken by the captain of the M.V Selkirk Settler of theScott Misener Steamship Co (St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada). She was carrying steel from Europe for North America in the fall/winter of 1988. She sustained a 12 foot crack in her hull plating during this storm. She encountered a microburst that pegged the annamometer at 90 kts. Seas were upto 80 ft. The view is from the bridge. Just visable in the fore ground is the pump room for the hatch cover hydrolics. The main deck is 560 ft long. The ship was 730 ft LOA, 35,315 tons DWT, 75.95 ft beam, Summer Draft 32 ft. She is an ocean-going laker, built by BRITISH SHIPBUILDERS (Goven-Scotland 1983). At the time of the photo she had been flagged out from Canada to the Isle of Man.

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yachtie2k4, Jul 25, 2004