Sharpie 550

captainjo: Sharpie 550

Simple sharpie pocket cruiser for coastal and off-shore cruising. This project start as a special order from “Tigrou”, a guy how really knows what he wants, and also a skilled boat builder. We have in common quite a fascination for junk sail pocket cruisers, from Blondie Hasler’s Jester to Roger Taylors’s Mingming. We put all we have always dreamed in this design, chine runners, large sliding roof, inside steering and control. Preliminary calculations ensure self-righting ability and a CE C class category. The inside includes a large double bunk, a saloon and huge storage place, even for two folding bikes. In rough weather, the sliding roof must be closed, and let only the central hatch open.

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captainjo, Oct 23, 2017