juiceclark: SANY0044

Final structural work just before smoothing with glass putty.

juiceclark, Jan 28, 2008
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      Wow....beautiful job.......I think I'm going to cry. Guys, I need a full exposition of the "glass putty" process.......WOW.....
    • juiceclark
      Why settle for an exposition? Drive on down here and we'll put a trowel in your hand! Actually, we're about come down and we'll put a palm sander in your hand.

      After it's fared-out we put two layers of glass then take it down to a perfect polish.

      Tony in Sw FL
    • ratrace2
      I used to build custom furniture, it is a crappy market: people won't pay for reproduction Queen anne chairs even if they are from the Yale University Museum.....I got my own sanders........I am thinking about getting CNC machine a cutting you guys some "props"..........But right now, after doing three years of "IT" (Information Technology: Computer Consultant; just another name for day labor) I can't pay attention............:mad:
    • ratrace2
      hey, put the trowl down and pick up the camera.......................please.
      Check this out:
      Take a chopper gun and cut off the spray gun and add a 20" aluminum roller. Now, attach that to a 16' robotic arm that runs over a gantry. And, control the whole thing with a joy stick. As you shoot the resin into the fiberglass you roll it out with the joy have heard that resin infusion is not the way to go with a boat of this scale.
    • juiceclark
      Shared the robot idea with the brains of the operation. He's thinkin' about it! Anything is cheaper than skilled labor!!

      Guys who have been in the boatbuilding biz forever all seem to suggest a bucket of resin and a couple experience glass layers are better than shooting it on evenly. We shall soon see!
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