cudashark: RX1_250

cudashark, Oct 28, 2008
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      sure looking good, 44 ft? vacuum bag above? more pics and info plz

      rated a 9+ instead of 10 becouse: last year a wooden riva sunk in our marina and word was old wood had a hard time tanking the bangin, did some cabinetry myself too, not bad but come to think of it, maybe i'll even prefer printed poly there too
    • cudashark
      Hey Yipster,

      This is a 33' Riva Like cruiser. It beem is 9' 10" and the transom is set up for either surface piercing drives or sterndrives. It is cold molded veneer over frame. Their are 4@ 3/16 " veneers vacuumed baged using System Three Gel Magic epoxy which I highly recomend.

      At some point I would be honered to build one of your designs...Maybe a colaboration some time in the future.

    • yipster
      have to return compliment cudashark, very nice lines and a mega job i imagine
      only good things on veneer epoxy laminate, stay on it and yes, so should i
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    Oct 28, 2008
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