Rudder for ship from previos picture.

Dim: Rudder for ship from previos picture.

It's not working model. Detail design made my friend and I worked with a his drawings.

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Dim, Oct 23, 2003
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      Hey Dim,
      you are the absolute 3D-Modelling expert in the shipbuilding industry.

      It would be good if you can upload for testing some simple 3D-Models as solids towards . So that we can test the output in our CAD-Systems.

      The tests are necessary to prove the translation possibilities between different software packages.
      For example you could see a mistake at my steel deck ladder in 3dcontentcentral at the end of one hand rail.

      The catchwords in your upload description should the ship and boat. Try this search option under user library.

      Under you can found a free conversion service between STEP Parasolid and ACIS. These formats are the main stream in CAD-Systems.

    • Dim
      I can't upload this model because it was made under the drawings, which are not the property of our firm.
      Model of the door I can't upload because in the standard (SFS 8181) there is an error.
      And it is the very ticklish moment. We have find, corrected it and now we make correct doors. :)
      Hey Dim,
      thank you very much for your prompt answer.

      I'm not meaning this models you have presented. I think you will have some models made by our own, done in Inventor. without such restrictions
    • Doug Carlson

      What is the effect of the wide trailing edge on the rudder? Delayed stall? Reduced turbulence? It reminds me of what used to be called Kamm effect spoilers on sports racing cars in the 60's. Incidently, your modelling and rendering of actual objects versus "design concepts" is on a par with the best I have ever seen.

      Doug Carlson
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