Raven 25 motor sailor
Sean Herron

Sean Herron: Raven 25 motor sailor

25 Foot motor sailer - with varying draft and proper sailing abilities...

Sean Herron, May 23, 2004
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      Looks more like a sailboat than a motorboat, thankfully. Looks really nice. Nice sized sail (not undersized, thankfully).
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      She sure is pretty.

      One of the reasons I have been looking at somewhat larger boats is that I don't like for the house to be in the way of the scenery or traffic.

      I don't expect you to be able to do that in 24 feet but if do one size up it may be possible??
    • Sean Herron
      The trick is to be able to offset the house sides inboard enough from the cockpit seats so as to let you see around - also big and bright glass lets you see through - but I understand your concerns - this is a very small boat so the house has to be 'biggus' - but large glazing should kill the blind spots some...

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      (y) I like very much your clever 25 Raven MS design, although it seems to me to be more a sailing boat with a pilothouse, than what I understand as a proper motorsailer. But this is only a matter of tastes...
      On the hand of economics, may the raising bulbed keel to be an expensive (and protruding) item for such an small boat, narrowing the gap of potential buyers?
    • Sean Herron
      I suppose the engineering would cost a bit - it is to be just a dagger with block and tackle - it is just a thought born of my liking to pull my existing boat up to the dog beach and BBQ'ing before going in...
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      Sean, one awesome design! Are they specifications available anywhere? How about a deck and cabin layout? Would like to speak with you if at all possible.
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