Rainbird 40ft

pafurijaz: Rainbird 40ft

Linesplan of Rainbird 40ft designed by William Garden Created with Blender and imported in DELFTShip.

Posted by: pafurijaz - website: https://grabcad.com/pa.furijaz-1/models

pafurijaz, Nov 8, 2020
    • dcweed
      I raced (informally) against Rainbird in the early 70's off Friday Harbor WA, US. I was a 15 year-old kid in a 20' FRP sloop. Rainbird's owner (Lee Brewer) was in his fifties or sixties. We both would single-hand, so he had a much larger task at hand. I'd get ahead in maneuvers, and then Rainbird would come charging up behind. After we learned to play together, Lee would steer her straight for my transom, and then when a few feet away casually slide below me and roar past just to leeward. It was lovely. W
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    • pafurijaz
      @dcweed Memories that remain etched in your mind :)
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