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"Insects evolved wings initially as solar collectors then used them to fly. So why not evolve wings onto boats as solar collectors & use them to sail?" - Dr Robert Dane, CEO, Solar Sailor Founded in 1999 in Australia, Solar Sailor developed an award-winning solar boat design. The solar panels are attached to "solar wings" which act as both sails and solar collectors for the boat. Solar Sailors technology can use the energy from the wind and sun separately or in combination. In most respects, Solar Sailor is similar to conventional vessels, but the breakthrough lies in its use of eight unique and aerodynamic solar wings on its roof. These lightweight wingsails are embedded with photovoltaic solar energy cells. On Solar Sailor, the panels can track the sun in two planes, providing a proven 40 per cent increase in solar energy which contrasts with the fixed nature of many land-based solar panels.

maiamermaid, Jan 3, 2008