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Draft outline of 3.0 metre (ten-foot) mono-ski to be tested with a 15 HP two-stroke short-shaft Mariner outboard. A beta-type based upon this outline will be exhibited at the UK's forthcoming boat-show in Southampton between 15-24 Sept 2017. Its sides are formed of 100 x 3 mm GRP pultrusions (or timber subs) and the mono-ski or planing surface will be a replaceable timber unit between eight and twelve inches wide, depending upon specifications. These hydro-skis are supported by a laminated-foam superstructure formed of a single 50 mm (two-inch) sheet that can be fitted with a simple seat in view of the fact that the watercraft can be steered by weight-shift alone. The construction is designed to be stored inverted or upright and transportable by roof-rack, whilst the absence of any centralised load-bearing member beside its foam keel allows for cut-outs to be included so as eventually to support a conventional cockpit. Its designer flies Airbuses to pay the bills and aims to get such craft airborne in "surface-effect" flight whilst powered by an aero-engine. The skis terminate in a wooden hub at the prow that forms a hard-point for tow-trials. The craft displaces 150 litres, sufficient to support an outboard and operator at rest, when the deck coincides with the waterline. At speed the craft rises onto the plane, which will allow for an aero-propeller to be centred around the centre of gravity.

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colinhilton, Sep 3, 2017