Panelplane P1

colinhilton: Panelplane P1

Development continues on the prototype monoplane with recent modifications allowing for fitment of stock 20" outboards like the Mariner 15HP two-stroke seen here with gearbox removed. The chassis comprises a 4' by 4' by 4" laminated foam sheet divided into panels to form a deck and underslung keel, beside a pair of 10' by 4" whitewood side-skis joined at the hub to support a 12" mono-ski cut from 3/8th (9mm) ply, allowing a variety of widths to be tested. No trailer is required as the tow-attachment is included in the hub whilst a dolly supports the tail-end. With no necessity for a tilt-and-steer bracket the transom will be modified on the prototype to support a king-post to which the tiller-bracket is attached, so that the outboard can be removed and stowed in the car during transport and storage. Patent searches associated with the outline of the craft are favourable, whilst fitment of an aero-engine in place of the outboard appears straightforward. The 150-litre displacement will be static-tested after re-fitment of the outboard, though tests with a 1:5 scale model suggest the trim will be level in view of the moment-arm of the forward ballast (hub-and-tow) to counter the weight of the outboard with tilt-and-steer removed.

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colinhilton, Oct 25, 2017
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