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Pathetic old man... How do you even spell ANTHROPOMETRIC... Just a pathetic old man I am Sam...

Sean Herron, Dec 26, 2006
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      Sean, your not the only ship that drifts on this ocean ( or some similar words ) and yes, man, we are getting old arent we ;-P
      thanks for sharing these ancient drawings old man
      checked "slurf" ( meaning baggin ) in babbelfish that returned slurf again
      looking at the pencil drawings ( no aint getting much fanmail anymore if i can still keep my pencil up )
      i dont think that fwd arc is the mast folding but one ( not perfect straight downwind sailing as 2 would ) genakker
      yes i see the bipod mast, furlers, booms etc but two genakkers slurfing...
      just keeping the conversation going ;-P
    • Sean Herron

      The first line is a fixed forestay - I did not continue the foot of the asymetric genny past same and under the jib boom - so I can see (no pun) where you assume two headsails - just a genny - if it were ever to be built...

      Remember I was young and romantic and stupid in 1993...

      Now I am just old and romantic and stupid...

      Happy F'un new year...

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