Old Jackable Outdrive.
tom kane

tom kane: Old Jackable Outdrive.

Inboard/outboard drives can be a drag and are better if they rise straight up and down so they do not swing back and spoil the thrust angle,untill prop thrust is lost,then swinging back is ok.this gives more useful prop depth adjustment and manouvering.Lift drive to run in S/P mode or shallows.Adjust up and down for best running depth.Move in or out for easy planing or sea conditions.

tom kane, May 28, 2005
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      (y) tom, have you been reading about the new bravo XR drive? go to page 4/5 and smile!
      (ITS option with variable drive height)
    • tom kane
      Thanks,will take a look.
    • yipster
      i know you will ;)
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    tom kane
    May 28, 2005
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