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dougfrolich, Mar 13, 2006
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      Hans Friedel
      Nice boat

      But it looks a bit weak in the middle may be you should add some beams or something to conect the front and aft compartments. Like a T-roof

      would be a nice thing to dang your head in also :)

    • dougfrolich
      Thanks Hans,

      I am relying on 2 longitudinal stringers with a minimum depth of 6" to provide bending strength (along with the top of the cockpit) These stringers also define the internal ballast tanks. When these tanks are filled they provide the boat with 180 degrees of possitive righting moment. This boat is intended to cross the North Atlantic this summer. www.oceanrowsolo.com
    • Hans Friedel
      This guy used a lead keel (I think)


    • dougfrolich
      Wow! Hans---That is an extream design for such a trip.
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      I saw a boat very similar to this one some time back. Bright yellow with sponsor decals and such. I think it was '03 or '04. I was stationed onboard USS Doyle at the time. We were about 80 miles off the coast of Marthas Vineyard. The craft's Captain was from the Ukraine (I think). He had rowed from Marseilles, France to Boston. Amazing!! He was on his way back when he experienced a cardiac episode. We picked up a call from the Coast Guard and his EPIRB. I was the Senior Medical Officer so he became my patient. It was in August I believe. Sea state began to pick up pretty rough. We tried to tow his little craft with out 475 Frigate. It was useless. We could not go over 5 knots and we still had a mission (besides rescuing the guy) to do. We had to cut his craft lose and drop him off at Boston Harbor with EMS. I was amazed at the little craft and the little guy at the helm(ores). We saved this guys life and yet we received a lot of bad press. Navy War Ship detain Russian Hero and U.S. Navy sets adrift Russian Adventurers million dollar boat Suspects of terrorism. What a bunch of crap. Anyway Cool boat.

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