Tad: OC55pencil

Playing around in Penguin Steel Ocean Cruiser 55' by 15' by 6'

Posted by: Tad - website: http://www.tadroberts.ca

Tad, May 4, 2006
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      Hi tad,
      I like the idea, but why all the chines? BTW, I liked your old web site better than the new. It was much more informative and accessable.
    • Tad
      Hi Sam,

      The double chine form is closer to a typical sailing hull than say, a commercial fishboat. She will have a small (relatively) engine thus I'm trying to reduce wave making and form drag at low speed. Fine entrance, moderate beam, and shallow transom. Initial stability will be lower than a single chine hull, she will roll further but slower, and ultimate stability will be better. The owner will fit paravave stabilizers aft.

      Websites are hard and often we get little feedback. Please consider the site to be in transition. It's an endless struggle to rebuild it trying to keep up with changes in the business or what I would like to show potential clients. Right now I'm hoping to have a blog someday. What do you find inaccessible or hard to use about the site?

    • sailaweigh
      Tad, what I liked about the old site was all the descriptive information you used to have about each vessel. It was like having a mini yacht design tutorial, and I guess it impressed me because when I first came upon it I was just starting my yacht design education. So I felt it was more understandable to the layman. I probably should not have used the term accessible. It's been a while since I looked at it, and notice that you now have much more info and your designer comments section on some of the designs. I'm sure it is a lot of work keeping up with the site, especially when you are trying to get actual design work done. The site is quite impressive and classy looking.
    • ferrier
      I like it very well.how can I see more plans from yours
    • ocean_admiral
      What is your website address? I like this design alot. Perhaps can you email me a sample study plan? or you have a link on your site for it? Thanx
      BTW, is this a prototype or has been built for customers?
    • tpayne
      Nice boat, but you should have a look at Michael Porters "Live anywhere" boat.


      Very similar
    • apex1
      nice liveaboard
    • nemier
      9 years on from the original post, I still love this boat design. Always like your designs Tad.
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    May 4, 2006
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