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foil assisted planning hulled cat

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Buildboats, Jan 28, 2010
    • Willallison
      Well - it's certainly different!
      I take it from the underwater shape, that you have optomised performance under power, though the hulls look somewhat narrow for a planing cat..?
      Difficult to tell from the images, but how does the helmsman see where he's going?
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      i like the idea of a motorsailing cat, this one even planning :-O
      how easy striking the mast, foils, performance
      i'd be more than happy going say..
    • Buildboats
      Its foil assisted don't need a wide hull surface to carry the weight... seat is adjustable up and down fore and aft as well.. so you can stand and drive. We hope to plane at 13kts cruise at 18 - 20 under power. Its and experiment for sure but then that's what its all about... right?

      Production cats seem to be designed liked 2 mono hulls tied together and they sail like that in my opinion. Like a cork in a bath tug. I remember when cats were thin hulled, tight down below but very fast. Now there luxurious, roomy and sail like a mono, I do understand that progression and have to admit its nice to sail in luxury. I hope we can pull it back a bit to being necessity's and get a boat that performs without having to push it hard... we'll see when ever I get her done. There's just me out in the building, you'll not see me for a few years
    • Buildboats
      You got the best pics Yipster... you work hard at this.

      thanks for your effort
    • yipster
      looking at your hulls you certainly work harder Buildboats, keep us updated plz
    • Buildboats
      Hard and on my own... thanks to infusion. Keeps me out of trouble and a nice quiet shop.
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