New 54' boat built with advanced prepreg

powersailor: New 54' boat built with advanced prepreg

Lots more photos here: Looks interesting- my company is doing some of the work on it. It is going to be

powersailor, Jun 17, 2009
    • Willallison
      54 feet & weighing less than 8000 lbs...! 75% fuel reduction....
      Some pretty amazing claims.... I look fwd to seeing if you can realise them...
    • Alik
      What they claim on weight reduction and power savings is nonsence. The weight of structure is 30-40% of total weight budget, so how they can get 75% of total displacement savings??? This is marketing targeted on idiots.
    • powersailor
      Thanks for the replies. In the design of a boat, if you save one pound you really save three. Lighter structures (pound one) mean that smaller engines are required (pound two) and less fuel and lighter accessories are required (pound 3).

      If you need to replace an existing structure, with the exact same load demands- the drastic weight savings and efficiencies won't be possible. But if the entire structure is designed around these superlight materials, then the load demands go down as well.

      Take a look at the fiberglass/vinylester boats of this size. They weigh more than 3x what this boat will weigh. That means the engines required for this boat are significantly smaller than fiberglass boats=greater efficiency.

      The people and companies behind this aren't idiots. A recreational version is talked about, but not in the cards at this point- so there is no marketing happening. This boat is a technological demonstrator, to show what the new materials are capable of. Designed primarily with military/defense/law enforcement in mind- and air-droppable.

      I am thrilled to be a part of it, and I have seen the panels and tests to back it all up. It is being built right now. Don't believe it, that is just fine. Maybe when pictures of it on the water are released you may change your mind... but some people still don't believe we landed on the moon either.
    • Alik
      It would be good to see photos of construction and table of weights (in case if You have it) :)
    • Willallison
      I am sceptical - though perhaps not as unequivocally as Alik! Nano technbology holds great promise for all sorts of things and whilst their website is a little light on detail, They've obviously has some experience in its use. Of course, yacht design is different to making baseball bats, but I'll be happy to watch the project unfold...
      If you are able, please post updates as they come along
    • Alik

      I am sure that if such technology is possible, it would be first tested on 20' prototype. Of course, if builder/designer are serious.
    • powersailor
      I can't post pictures or other detailed info as we are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. They will release pictures of construction as they see fit.

      The Zyvex company isn't building the boat or bats, they make the prepreg. I am not aware of a 20' prototype of the 787, but I am pretty sure Boeing is making a composite aircraft. I have seen the 1:12 scale test models of the boat, but these were not for structural purposes.

      I will post what I can...
    • yipster
      hmm.. dont know...
      if the militairy likes that militairy white version everything is possible :p
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