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mattosmond: Nerina 59

great sunset, parralell lines give the boat purpose and tense up the whole design. The Nerina 59 is a 59ft motor boat to offer a different option to the current crop of powerboats in this market segment (such as Fairlines and Sunseeker). The bow has been inspired by the Ulstein x-bow. Please leave me feedback on this projectm, it has been my final year project for my BA(hons) Transportation Design Degree...

mattosmond, Jun 6, 2007
    • nero
      How do you tie off the bow when docking?
    • Willallison
      Oh - come on Nero - don't be so practical....
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      Nero, a design is like a emotions or not, don't ask for details.....
    • juiceclark
      I really love this design...have been pondering it for a couple weeks. The area in which I reside is chuck full of retirement age people who buy boats for cocktail cruises. They boat in protected waters (ICW and river) and pop into the Gulf to watch the sunset. I think this is a brilliant design for a cocktail party cruiser and, perhaps, weekender. If you brought back the front windshield a couple feet, you'd have a front step to grab the dock and catch a breeze.
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      this wonderful, innovative, "totally out of the box" design, obviously has a bow prop in the forward keel--you just can't see it. whereas this conception pays no homage to tradition, it has comfortably taken a new tack on the traditional yacht lines. With a hint of a flybridge, the traditionalist can have their comfort in saying it conforms to their expectation but steps away from the utilitarian. It's use of space, in many ways keeping with the traditional sportsfisherman, plays against a public/private dichotomy, equally proportioned. Taking a pleasure, cocktail cruise, one has the comfort of knowing that the chill in the air is easly escaped, while the outer rear of the vessel is free for adventure and the sensations of a fine mist in the air. The Nerina comports herself with a fine line at mid-ship followed by an accented radius that catches the eye, at sea and at the dock. Truly, very wonderfuly done........Good work.
    • mattosmond
      thank you for all your kind words, I guess Nerina was just my slant on what could be done with a boat of this size, not what has to be done. It has got me a job in Superyacht design so it served me well, thanks again for the compliments. matt
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