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philippe: Nagasa 66 Intro

My graduation project from 2005. Feedback would be most appreciated!

philippe, Apr 10, 2006
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      finally some new idea. Really interesting project.
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      well im not a boat personall design sketches and curent theme is quit a bit diffrent than the lux powerboat crowd,,but i like to consider myself observant so iv a couple of questions
      really really slick looking boat all the designe points fit together and she looks like a vessel that belongs
      couple of praticality questions, 1 is the rear lower pilothouse/cabin built as hull? due to it looks like the transom is very low to act as a swim platform and the sealing/supporting of the long U shaped seam across the back
      2 to me it looks like there is a bit to mutch structure aft. why not balence it a bit by changeing to forward slanting low glare window layout and give yourself a bit more interor room into the bargian? .
      still a 10 in all respects that i can see though.
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      Nice design. I'm currently at uni doing transport so I'm in the same boat u were in (unintended pun!).

      Just a couple questions. First, what's her dimensions? Second, what sort of performance predictions have ya done? And lastly, have you got any other pics of the concept?
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