Mold for Cap before glassing and gelcoat

juiceclark: Mold for Cap before glassing and gelcoat

juiceclark, Apr 8, 2008
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      I get do you attach the two, i.e. deck to hull
    • juiceclark
      You lay the deck on the hull and 5200 the two together for waterproofing. Then, you glass them together on the inside. Lastly, we're putting a big, 2.5" stainless rub rail around with bolts that will come through all of the above. (keep in mind I'm the finance guy, not the brains of the answers come from my watching the guys do it)
    • ratrace2
      100' of 2.5" stainless steel rub rail?....too much money: just bolt it and glass it.
    • ratrace2
      Any scantling rules going to take effect??
      Ask the Viking guy, ABYS, DNS, GL...?????
      Also, crank up that "free ship", "free-hull" S/W you got and show me some stringer designs for this monster......:) :) :)
      Viking actually got some really good reviews--from a boat surveyor--for their stringer design....:)
    • juiceclark
      Scantling rules? That's not in this financial consultant's vocabulary!
    • ratrace2
      Hinckley boats says they use this process; well, in their sales/Demo video.....Talk about over kill when it comes to putting on a sales demo.
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