Mirabella V Anchor 2
Ned Wood

Ned Wood: Mirabella V Anchor 2

The anchors for Mirabella V were constructed by Manson Marine in New Zealand from 316 low carbon stainless steel plate. After extensive discussion on the dimension limitations, digital drawings were offered to check against the pre-designed anchor housing. Once these were checked and found the anchors could fit beneath the furler bases, construction could go ahead. Quite unique in most respects, the anchors were even designed to suit the nylon rollers that had already been machined. Usually the anchors would determine the shape of the rollers and anchor housings. These two anchors were not cast (molten steel poured into a mould) but instead were fabricated from plates (pieces of steel welded together from cut shapes). In manufacturing this way an exact, and easily manipulated, set of dimensions can be achieved. Once the stainless steel components are assembled the painstaking job of polishing begins. Through many steps and long hours with hand-held machines, the anchors start to take shape. With over 50 kilograms of weld added and 35 kilograms of stainless steel ground from the anchors to shape them, they offer a very physical challenge to get them looking like they do. 100% hand crafted.

Ned Wood, Feb 15, 2004
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      Worth a program "How it's made...
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      Hey Ned;
      The guys who made those obviously are good at what they do.:cool:
      I'd wager those anchors easily come under the "Looks like a million, and costs about as much too!" category.
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      Doug Lord
      Impressive workmanship!
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    Feb 15, 2004
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