Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927 Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927

Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927 22.5 m long, Displacement 22.5 tons. Speed of 34 knots Picture taken from

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      She is lovely! I really like the motor yacht from this vintage. Was she built by Lurssen, if so is that the same yard that built the Ronin(ex Izanami)? Is she still afloat? Do you have any other pics of this yacht or similar?
      Here you can read the storie from the above link.


      In 1928, in light of these limitations and the dismal North Sea weather, Naval command elected to concentrate strictly on a round bottomed displacement hull. Their attention was drawn to Oheka II , a highly innovative luxury motor yacht built in 1927 by the German boatyard Luerssen for a Jewish banking tycoon who emmigrated to the United States from Germany. The name "Oheka" originated from a monogram of its owner's name, Otto HErmann KAhn. It's round bottomed hull was 22.5 m long, and displaced 22.5 tons. It reached a top speed of 34 knots, making it the world's fastest boat in its class. There is no basis in fact for the common misconception that Oheka II was a "rum runner" used for smuggling.

      In Oheka II, Luerrsen overcame many of the drawbacks of the round bottomed displacement hull. The boat ploughed through the water by the brute force of three 550hp Maybach engines. The composite use of wood planks over alloy frames reduced weight. The innefficient tendency for round hulls to "squat" stern-down in the water at high speeds was counterbalanced by a hull form that flattened towards the stern, providing hydrodynamic lift where it was needed.

      Oheka II's combination of speed, strength and seaworthyness was exactly what Naval command wanted. In November 1929, Luerssen was given a contract to build a boat to the same basic design, but with two torpedo tubes on the forecastle, and a slightly improved top speed. It was to become S-1, the Kriegsmarine's first Schnellboot and the basis for the all other S-Boats built during World War 2.
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      What a thrilling ride it must have been in that wee bow cockpit!
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